How To Unlock Passcode Of Iphone 3Gs?

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How To Unlock Passcode Of Iphone 3Gs?

I have iphone 3gs. Last night my small daughter played with my iphone. Next day when I am pick up it for calling, I found that it was lock with passcode. I try to asked my daughter about passcode but she didn’t remember it. I tried various combination but it didn’t worked out. Can any one tell me how to unlock my iphone passcode?
Thanks in advanced.

How to unlock passcode of iphone 3gs?

Re: How to unlock passcode of iphone 3gs?
If your iphone is lock with passcode or password, then you can unlock it without that particular password and access your all data from iphone. It is not complicated thing you can do this in simple way. You can try following things.
Try to move or slide the unlock button -> now try to click on emergency call -> now try to click on Home button 2 times. By this trick you are able to view your iphone data. After going to main menu you can do all things with your iphone, that you are able to do before your iphone is locked.

How to unlock passcode of iphone 3gs?

Re: How to unlock passcode of iphone 3gs?
I also had the same problem then one of my friend told me how to unlock passcode. I had given you steps to unlock passscode, try to do this in your iphone and check whether you are able to unlock your iphone or not.
1.First turn on your iphone and now try to enter passcode with different combination for 3 times.
2.Now turn on your computer and open itunes application.
3.Now connect your iphone to itunes.
4.Now allow it for synchronization.
5.If it does not synchronize automatically start it manually.
6.Let the synchronize process complete.
7.After completing process disconnect your iphone and you can see that your iphone passcode window will be gone.
8.After this you will not get such type of message when you open your iphone.

Re: How to unlock passcode of iphone 3gs?
If you are using same computer for synchronizing iphone then you can do follwing things to unlock passcode.
First connect your iphone to itunes -> Connect in devise pane mode -> now click on Restore as a new phone -> after completing process disconnect your iphone -> check that your passcode has be removed -> now again connect it to itunes and click on Restore from backup.
In this way you can disable or remove passcode problem.

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Jun 10, 2012 at 8:03 pm

i tryed the emergency call trick an it doesnt work. its an iphone3 i think. its more round than the iphone4 an doesnt have the two little round buttons on the left side of phone, it has bar ,volume control. not round. well anyhow im trying to get the password cause my girlfriend is secretly texting guys all the time an i wanna see whats up. its her phone an i dont wanna reset it or erase any data, i wanna be able to get password get in check then get out, without her knowing i went in. when she opens her phone i want it to say enter password, cause if it doesnt shell know i played around with it. need your help please. cant download anything on my computer cause i caught a virus last time.

Jun 12, 2012 at 10:32 am


I am suspecting my other half is doing a dirty she has a jail-broken iPhone 3G. She has not used any pc to syn her iphone. How do i crack the password quickly and easily if there is such a way to do this please?



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